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Throughout the academic, fiscal and calendar year, thousands of highly motivated parents, visitors, alumni, athletic fans and prospective students (and their families) travel to their respective college and university campuses to attend institutionally sponsored and/or financed activities, conferences, meetings and events.

The purpose of this free, password protected online reporting program is to provide information and insights regarding those visitors that have utilized your services. In the listings that follow, we have paid particular attention to not just reservation particulars, but also (1) the institution that generated the sale, (2) the department that was the source of business, (3) the type of traveler and (4) the nature of the event.

For access to your customized spreadsheets and summary reports, just follow the instructions below. Your registration request will come to our office and approval will be acknowledged with a personalized email.

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The following hotels are eligible for participation in the CTM Campus Visitor Reporting system.

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